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Craig A McKercher


Craig started playing with computers at age 12 on a special version of a Commodore 64 with 4 separate roms. He gained experience at a young age in basic programming, and a yearly Action Replay Cartridge gave him access to the basics of Machine Language. While participating in the Australian Rosny Childrens Choir, performing at the local Casino, he was getting private tuition in piano and attented a Piano Forte univercity exam. Craig showed a keen interest in the guitar, and played in many after hours school performances. He was featured as King in the final year school play, and due to his height, played Ruck in the School Football side. His primary schooling was polished off with the school Leadership award in Grade 6.

Throughout his high school years he gained enormous respect with dux of his high school and academic bursary awards in every year. The highlight being a principles award in recognition of his computer programming ability. The Archamedis computer offered a simple programmable interface, and additionally allowed one to create a Master Account. At home, an upgrade to the Amiga 500 gave Craig experience in the first attempt of a windows based operating system, however the renouned April fools day joke of an accompanying hard drive was not taken well. His college holidays were spent working at various local Architechs and Interior designers, where he quickly gained a talent at drafting both manually and with Industry Standard Software. He was able to further help property developers by creating Turbo Pascal software to simplify the soil classification process. He also worked at the local Basketball Stadium, as security and construction, and competed well in the Sir William Don Defense Force Scholarship.

Craig's passion for academic achievement ultimately led him into an honors Mechanical Engineering degree at the Univercity of Tasmania. He was assigned holiday work experience as a Trades Assistant, and returned to the same company to develop confined space procedures. He was also required to create ground water management software, while working after hours creating a Turbo Pascal software. During univercity he worked for local electrical and civil engineers, and was always eager to assist other students in software drafting techniques. In his final year his thesis project was changed, and with seemingly impossible projects, to measure a flow rate from outside a tube, and to create a forumala for a B Spline Helical Broach, Craig deferred his course. A year later he attempted another project for Incat Tasmania, but due to a constantly evolving Catamaran design, a simple car loading ventilation system proved almost impossible.

During the next few years Craig worked as a software support technician for Ghostsoftware, a Screen Printer, and then the personal assistant to a local franchise of Shutters R Us. Meanwhile, the creation of Gooism started, and began with just a small selection of Southpark remixes to well known songs. It was set up by a devote to the faith of Kristna, and was inspired by the discovery of the Myth of the Goo of Existence.

Today, it is a selection of projects which have been developed as a hobby, and present to a programmer a range of outlets. From songs to cartoons to games to websites, there is a degree of excellence to all the projects on Gooism. Craig keeps developing new and innovative solutions with Flash programming, and all coding is freely available to download, in the hope that more follow. Furthermore, Craig is continually updating his poetry collection known as Verses from the Abyss with the plan to convert certain verses to raps and have the book published.


Gooism Public Relations
Tasmania Australia

Latest News

  • December 2009
  • Completed a TAFE Certificate IV in Websites. Created a flash site called LoremIpsum that focused on updateability using the flash vars object. Also created this portfolio site which uses xml to create an easily updateable projects list.

  • February 2010
  • Started a TAFE Diploma of Information Technology in Website development. Bazaar Arts Ceramics, a 3 part, 2 year part time course, project 1 a brochure website, project 2 an ecommerse website, and project 3 a few case studies. Some extra research into flash 3d development covers at least 1 of the 2 electives after that.

  • April 2010
  • A lot of paper work for my course, mostly planning. Although we only required information architecture diagrams, and input / output requirements, for project 1, i made these circuit diagram looking things that included the entire ecommerse website. It should save me heaps of work for the next project.

  • June 2010
  • Recorded beautiful and not afraid, from the new eminem album recovery. In chipmunk mode. Tested a death metal version, that was lyrically better, but not the effect i was after.

  • August 2010
  • Completed a 23 document website audit and 41 page business strategical analysis. Began work on a mysql database solution prototype for the website.

  • October 2010
  • Contracted staphylococcus aureus commonly known as golden straph. Symptoms included double vision, delusions, swollen feet, cellulitious on both hands and intense pain.

  • March 2011
  • Completed the Bazaar Arts Ceramics e-Commerse extensions which focussed on using a mySQL database to generate site content.

  • May 2010
  • Recorded No Love In chipmunk mode. Need to reherse a bit more before recording but got it down pat.

  • July 2011
  • Completed the TAFE Diploma of Information Technology in Website development.

  • August 2011
  • Considering starting a 2nd Diploma in Java and C++ Programming. This requires a Certificate IV in programming then a 2 year full time course.

Project Schedule

  • Rap - Something Good
  • 12/29/2010 11:59 PM
  • Flash Game - Shooting Gallery
  • 12/29/2010 11:59 PM
  • Flash Cartoon - Tampon People - Episode 2
  • 12/29/2010 11:59 PM

All projects are currently on hold due to online website design study requirements.